Educational & Research Opportunities


Students in my group are exposed to a broad spectrum of disciplines, ranging from physics to neuroscience and clinical radiology.  Opportunities for research involving MRI and MEG in my lab currently include:


Graduate Students (MSc & PhD)


There are currently graduate student positions available in my lab.  Interested students should contact me directly to learn more.  Through my lab, students may pursue degrees in Physics, Medical Physics or Biomedical Engineering at Dalhousie University.


Those interested in pursuing a degree specifically in medical physics are eligible to apply and take a seperate course stream through the physics department, which will result in the awarding of a degree in Medical Physics.  Additionally, students interested in translational neurotechnology can obtain additional graduate training through the RADIANT training program in neurotechnology innovation and entrepreneurship.


Undergraduate Students


Each year there are opportunities for one or two 4th year undergraduate students, as well as undergraduate medical students, to pursue research projects in my lab.  Please contact me for details on possible projects.


Summer Students & Volunteers


Opportunities are available throughout the year to work in my lab, and in particular for undergraduate summer research awards.  There are also possibilities for many of these projects to translate into senior/honours research projects.


Graduate Student Funding










Additional information on graduate funding opportunities at Dalhousie University can be found here.


Note as well that for many projects, graduate student research stipends are also available, as well as teaching assistant stipends.


Graduate Programs at Dalhousie


Physics/Medical Physics


Biomedical Engineering