306-Channel MEG & 128-Channel EEG

Our 306-Channel Elekta Neuromag MEG system is fully equiped for a variety of neurofunctional mapping studies, and includes integrated EEG.  This system provides direct mapping of the incredibly weak magnetic fields (approx. 100 fT) that are generated when a bundle of neurons are coherently active.  MEG technology allows us to spatially map this activity in the brain with milli-second temporal resolution.  


In addition, we have a separate 128-channel EEG system, contained in an acoustically and electrically shielded room.

Pre-Clinical Imaging

This facility includes pre-clinical MRI with a insert for simultaneous PET/MRI, as well as a pre-clinical PET/SPECT/CT.  Combined with on-site veterinary care and a dedicated veterinary technician, we are well set up to perform imaging studies in a variety of disease models.  These instruments provide excellent flexibility to allow researchers to develop and validate new imaging technologies.

3-Tesla GE Discovery MR750

In December 2014 we received a new start-of-the-art 3T MRI for both neuro, cardiac and body imaging research!  


This system is fully outfitted with hardware/software for fMRI, MR Spectroscopy including multi-nuclear studies, 32-channel Head Coils, Cardiac Coils and Abdominal/Pelvic Coils, an Auto-injector for DCE studies, as well as MR Elastagraphy.


(note: GE product image) 

Imaging Research Infrastructure

At my lab we have access to leading-edge medical imaging technologies for both clinical and pre-clinical work