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Driving Innovation & Discovery

in the Physics of Medical Imaging 



​With facilities based in Halifax's largest pediatric and adult academic health centres, my highly interdisciplinary research group has an explicit goal of discovering new imaging technologies and getting them into the clinic, where they can improve patient care.



My lab focuses on the development of novel technologies for medical image acquisition and analysis.  With a primary focus on high-field MRI and Magnetoencephalography (MEG), we perform cutting-edge work in functional neuroimaging, molecular imaging, and image acceleration techniques.



Funded educational opportunities are currently available for undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral studies in my group.  As well, imaging research studies are often underway that require human volunteer participants. Please contact me to find out more!


My lab is part of the Biomedical Translational Imaging Centre.  Based in the IWK and QEII Health Centres, this lab comprises a spectrum of imaging technologies for both pre-clinical and clinical imaging research. With a mandate to partner with industry to commercialize and clinical translate medical research, the lab has a full-time staff of more than a dozen including scientists, engineers, computer scientists & clinical researchers.

Graduate student opportunities available now in my lab, for studies in physics, medical physics and biomedical engineering.  Contact me for more information!

Dr. Steven Beyea, Associate Professor

Dalhousie University

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